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5 Tips to buy the perfect Rug

Antep Rugs

Before you go to market or decide to buy online rug, you need to take care of a few things. Buying anything should require a prior homework. This helps you with post stress that can come after buying the wrong thing. Many things can go wrong. You can buy a rug which seems extra pricey, […]

Extra padding for your rugs

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Rugs add comfort and coziness around. But you can always add more and more comfort by adding extra padding under your rug. Rugs that have less height or have less pile may not offer softness that you want. Even those rugs who have big pile tend to loosen the strength and softness diminishes after a […]

South Western Rugs for your space

Southwestern rugs

South Western Rugs, west rugs or cowboy rugs fall in same style category. They offer bold prints with a picture that depict a culture. These type of rugs can be seen in cafes, restaurants, bars, offices, studios and even at homes. These rugs have a peculiar attractiveness. They make a statement where they are placed. […]

Use Rugs to change your room’s look

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You have no idea what a rug can do to your home unless you try. Rugs look more fashionable than carpets. Carpeting can give a warm , comfortable flooring option along with noise reduction and softness. But as it covers the whole room it does not add additional style. On the other hand, Rugs can […]

Reasons why you need to have a rug

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Rugs always win, when it comes to adding décor in your home. As they not only fill a basic plain area, they add colors, warmth, comfort and hide the imperfections. Here we list down 8 simple reasons that should be enough to convince you to buy at least one rug for your home and then […]

Your bedroom needs a rug

buy online rug-best prices at rugsmart dallas texas-modern rugs for your home

We can often neglect bedroom, when it comes to buying rugs for our home. We usually go for living rooms, styling a corner, kitchen, outdoors. But why not a bedroom ? Bedrooms have to be extra cozy and comfy. And the warmth that comes from rugs in undeniable. Rugs added in the bedroom will add […]

How to: take care of a fluffy or shag rug

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Shag rugs look the fanciest and the attractive ones. Their fluffy strands of fibres gives that soft, comfy and cozy vibe. They appear soft and feel soft on the foot. they transform the look and feel of your room. Shag rugs offer luxury and rich statement. You can put them under dressing chair, near your […]

Rug ideas for your office

round rug shaggy best in dallas texas

A room does not look complete unless you have placed a rug in it. Rugs bring life to your dull surroundings. They add colors and fashion into the area. They define the shape of your room and divide in into sections. What i love about rugs is, they bring comfort and coziness with them. You […]

4 Different places to put rugs

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Rugs offer diversity in every way. From patterns, prints, colors, size, materials. No matter what type or category you choose, they are sure to add a finishing statement. Just like humans, rugs have been here since forever. Trend of rugs never goes away. They were being found in castles, historical places, mosques and since now […]

How to Choose Right Size Rug

best modern rugs at rugsmart dallas

RUG SHOPPING: FIND THE PERFECT AREA RUG FOR YOUR HOME IN DALLAS There is a lot of things to consider while choosing rug for your space along with price, style and just the way you feel. There is also, whether the rug size is right for your place or not. Here at Rugs Mart situated […]

Adding rugs in your home office

area rug for flooring by rugsmart in dallas texas

Working from home is the new office. Its becoming in and in as it carries lots of benefits. No restrictions No formalities. No extra spending on travel or food, you can easily work at home. As more and more businesses are becoming online, people shifting to freelancing, blogging, vlogging and much more, we need a […]

Choosing color in the rugs

Picking the color in your rug, that will suit your area, embracing décor, pairing up with the furniture, can be a hard job. You need the rug that serves all. It can be pretty confusing, but It’s better to stick to one category. Go opposite This way is quite simple. If you have warm, gray […]

8 Reasons Why to buy a Round Rug

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and you need to make the right decision to choose the shape and size according to the area. Rugs are made in different dimensions, keeping in mind the size and style of rooms and spaces. Every shape stands unique and offers an elegant perspective to the area. Not […]

Outdoor Rugs used in Rainy Season

Just like indoor region rugs, outdoor rugs are both practical and elegant. Adding a durable, outdoor rug on your patio, deck, gazebo, or breezeway is a fashionable way to boost the place. After all, you may have renovated yours out of doors space. Splurging on water-resistant lounge chairs, a dining set, and an entertainment system […]

Rugs : Western, cowboy, South West,Texas Star, Rustic, Rooster

western rugs-cowboy

Rugs in western, cowboy, southwestern, texas star style are the new normal. It’s time to take a break from conventional designs and patterns in area rugs. And for a fresh start, western styled rugs are the best choice for living rooms, bedrooms and outdoors.Most importantly, If you own a shop or cafe, these rugs will […]

Different Types of Rugs for your home

Hallway Rug

Rugs come in all types, shapes and sizes. And they are acceptable and beautiful in every form. Every type has its on purpose. One type cannot take place of other one. Type of rug will depend on the use and placement of it. 1. Area Rugs The rug that will be covering only a certain […]

Gray Rugs for your home


Rugs in gray, is the new casual tone to go with. It is rated as favourite among all the earthly tones. And being the new favourite among customers is mainly because of many reasons. Gray tone is a better concealer of dirt and debris, as compared to white and beige colors. Gray will secretly mask […]

Best Traditional Rugs to buy

traditional style rug1

Traditional decor and styles always have been a constant throughout fashion changes. Every era has presented many traditions and in similar way, many traditional styles came into being. Every country, region and area presents their own sense of their traditional style that is admired and owned by all equally. Traditions are loved and respected both. […]

Types of Rugs: Rug Materials


Like any other thing, Rugs comes in all materials to suit every customer’s need. If you’re thinking to buy a rug, the next step comes as which material are you looking for. There are many types of rugs online and in markets that you can consider. All types have their individual beauty and benefits. Check […]

10 Benefits of having Rugs


When decorating our house, we think to buy up to date and modern furniture, get some of our walls painted or add decor or paintings on the walls. Also, putting up a wallpaper is a nice idea. We even think about changing our floors or adding rugs at different places. But many people stuck at […]

How to deep clean a Rug easily

rug by rugsmart

Cleaning a dirty rug, seems oddly satisfying and therapeutic After the rug had played its part in pulling your room together and enhancing the overall look, its your duty to give it a deep clean to make it last longer. You cannot buy a new rug every year as they are not that cheap and […]

Blue Colored Rugs You can buy


Get ready to have a marine vibe! The classic look that a rug brings out in your room cannot be simply denied. Decor Experts will always suggest you to keep an area rug for a prompt uplift of sleek style, in the area. Now, as many types of rugs coming in town, you need to […]

A guide to buy: an area Rug


When we talk about home decor, we tend to look for items that add style, elegance and comfort to our homes. Area Rugs are one of those items. They outline the portion they lie on, enhancing the area  with a pop of color and pattern. The pile gives a soft space for your foot to […]