Reasons why you need to have a rug

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Rugs always win, when it comes to adding décor in your home. As they not only fill a basic plain area, they add colors, warmth, comfort and hide the imperfections. Here we list down 8 simple reasons that should be enough to convince you to buy at least one rug for your home and then you can thank us later.

Cozy to cozier

Rugs add too much coziness to a space. Suddenly that area rug starts to look warm and comfy. It gives a touch of home to a house. It calls one to relax. Everything around it starts to look extra cozier.

No matter how hard your flooring is, a rug will make it appear soft and feel soft. If you have tiled flooring which is cold in summers, a rug will make it warm and comfortable for you to sit on it. It will create a warm, cozy area for you to enjoy during winters.

You can add extra softness by placing a rug pad underneath. This will give your foot a way softer place to land first time in morning than your cold hard floors.

Adds Style

If you have just shifted in a new place, and have no idea where to start for decorating your space, A rug is the best start. You will see and feel how a rug impacts your whole home. It will entirely change the look of your room and will add a style to it. It brings a fashion sense to a boring room. It compliments the furniture.

Even if you believe in minimalism, and do not appreciate too much stuff in a room, a rug will not be a add on. Instead, it will act like a last puzzle that fits in to complete the picture. You can get a white or neutral colored rug to fulfill your minimal approach and enjoy a rug at the same time.

Brings a room together

Rugs have that ability to bring a room and everything present in it together. They hold that power to bring a sense to the room. Your tables, consoles, seats, sofas will look distant and just sit there with no purpose if you have not placed a rug there. Rug divides a living room into a seating area and another area which you can use for placing other stuff. The rug area will be designated for seating with a comfort and style. Without a rug, every piece in a room will look meaningless. If you do not believe, just try putting a rug there.

For a big living room, you do not have to restrict to only one traditional rug. Try adding layers and more than one rug in one room. It will create dimensions, with widths and lengths. It will give a new shape to the room. With a shape of the rug you can define a whole new shape of that area. If you are placing a runner near a console and planter, it will bring a elongated look. Likewise, if you place a round rug near a corner it look utterly amazing and bring a whole new look.

Brightens the room

If you have a room comprising dark furniture, dark colored flooring or dark walls, the only thing that can brighten it up is a rug. You can add a light colored rug to illuminate it. Similarly, if you have a light colored room you can put a dark colored rug to lessen the tone a little a bit. Color of a rug can add and remove the surrounding colors. You can always add a funky printed rug in a plain room and a neutral rug in a crowdy room.


Rugs are an affordable way to upgrade your room if you feel a little bored. Rugs comes in all ranges and everyone can afford them. If you don’t have money to paint the walls, change your furniture but you are desperate to get a fresher look then think no more, as rugs are just super economical way to give your space a fresh look you want. You can also add a new rug on older one to create layers and geometric dimensions.

Inviting to you

Rugs look comfortable and warm. They seem to invite you on your tough day to just sit on them and watch your favorite movie while eating pizza. Having friends over and sitting on a fluffy rug makes you feel at home. Sitting on sofas placed on rugs give you an inviting feel too. You can place your foot on warm rugs.

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