Rugs Mart Dallas was established in 2009 as a Rug Manufacturing company. We primarily deal in all types of rugs like an afghani rug, area rugs and many more. Our primary market for rugs is in Dallas USA, and when people in Dallas search on Google using keywords “Rugs shop near me” the first website that comes on Google is Rugs Mart Dallas site. This is because of our quality and popularity of our Rugs. Our production units are equipped with the latest technology and have 1000+ weavers. Our production unit, capable of producing rugs is 15000+ square meters. Our highly trained staff tries their best and strive hard to maintain the quality of our Rug. Many Rugs shops in Dallas or outside Dallas don’t care much about the quality, but our main motive and objective are to deliver the best quality of Rug to our customer.

We feel proud in mentioning here that we are the highest and finest quality designer of rugs present in Dallas. We don’t only manufacture or design the rugs, but we also deal in wholesale. Because of our good condition and high-quality, the durability of rugs gets maintained. Our trained take pride in developing ancient traditional art of Rug in every colour, and we call it our masterpieces. Good quality of rugs doesn’t mean high prices, we keep our prices low, so our Rugs can be affordable to everyone. If we see any customer who wants to buy Rug but because of having a low budget is not buying, we lessen our Profit as much as we can. Our excellent top broadloom in cutting-edge, modern-day, and distinct traditional layout, provide an unmatched mixture of inspired design, high great, and incomparable value.

Our mission is to bring innovation in the Rug industry while maintaining and keeping the old traditional rugs style. Our every product is designed in such a way that it gives a creative expression and just by looking at the Rug, you can say that this Rug has been made my Rugs Mart Dallas. Other than talking about the quality of the Rug now I am going to mention the customer service which our customer will get at Rugs Mart Dallas.

We have several numbers of staff present at the store for helping out the customer. Many customers, when visits our store, could not decide which Rug would suit their place or which not. Therefore, for our customer convenience, we have hired two persons who are available at the store all the time for helping you out in picking the Rugs that would suit the most at your place. Other than this, one of the most common problem that customer’s faces are the shipping issue. Rugs Mart Dallas will arrange shipping for you themselves you have to pay the shipping charges.

All the above things we do is to develop trust between our customer and Rugs Mart Dallas. Once trust is created then automatically our customer will be happy and so we will. Feel Free to contact us if you have any query, you can contact us on email, or you call us too number is given on the website.