Casa De Lion Collection

Casa Lion Collection Rug:

Noise moving from room to room can annoy people a lot. Casa Lion Collection Rugs genuinely help to take in and reduce noise just like the sound and vibration of walking steps or matters being dropped onto the floor, especially on harsh surfaces like hardwood flooring.

A rug will reduce considerably lower the noise in your area. Not rug is only quiet to walk on woods surfaces, but it also absorbs sounds from the air. Do you notice that your room has a mild echo? That is because the wood/hard floor ground does not take in sound in a similar way that a rug does. Lay down a rug and observe the difference.


Casa Rugs instantly add coloration, texture, and sample to a room and create a visual interest that reflects your style and personality. They are considered realistic, useful artwork for your ground that facilitates outline the room’s temper or character.

Rugs are especially remarkable if you are renting and need to clean up the distance but are not allowed to colour the partitions. Hang more pics or art or add any everlasting ornamental touches.

Maintenance tip:
  1. Clean the rug every week
  2. Rug Pad used can increase the life cycle of rugs. 
HERITAGE Collection

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CASA DE LION Collection.

Different Patterns. Unique Designs.

rug by rugsmart in Dallas Texas- Casa de lion Collection
rug by rugsmart in Dallas Texas- Casa de lion Collection
rug by rugsmart in Dallas Texas- Casa de lion Collection


At Rugs Mart we are focused on helping make your space more beautiful with a variety of colors, patterns, shapes, and designs in order to meet your individual needs. We carry a wide range of area rugs in styles such as Traditional, modern, classic, shag at great discount prices. Contact us today for more information or visit our showroom today to view any of our stunning rugs. RugsMart brings best discount rugs in all Dallas Texas.


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