8 Reasons Why to buy a Round Rug

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and you need to make the right decision to choose the shape and size according to the area. Rugs are made in different dimensions, keeping in mind the size and style of rooms and spaces. Every shape stands unique and offers an elegant perspective to the area. Not every shape is made to fit in all styles. Just like a pattern and color of rug, shape of it determines the fate of area it will be placed on.

The rug size 5 x 7 or 8 x 10, is what we see mostly in every home. It has become the standard or we can say people are not ready to experiment with new sizes and shapes.

This blog will give you valid reasons, you can invest in a round rug, not just for experiment, but to make your home style look more modern and contemporary. Round rugs are becoming the new standard. You can see them trending and demands are pouring for it.

Circular in Corner

Pointy corners, often are filled up with square shaped rugs to compliment the edge. But once, you have added a round rug in that edgy corner, there is no going back. Circular rug will add up a innovative space in a plain corner, and you can put accent tables or a chair with lamp. This can be a dreamy corner with a warm ambiance. Round shape will be able to bring the corner together and transform it into a new space with its own decoration and furniture.

Centre tables on Round rugs

We all like our tables paired up with a rug. Table on a rug has to be everyone’s favorite combo. You can feel an incompleteness when you found no rug beneath your centre table. Rugs have the ability to bring together all the furniture and unite them as a joint space. Putting a rectangular rug between sofa sets and beneath table is a good idea, but a greater and coming age idea is to place a round rug. A circular shape with a table placed upon it, sofas surrounding it, seems like the perfect idea of a living room.

Create Space

Round rugs appear to give ample space between too much going in the room. Whether you are about to place it in the bedroom, or in the living room, it can help you achieve a widen looking area. Because the edges are curved, they wont take up minor spaces near furniture, showing little bit of flooring beneath, this can make look your area look spacious and breathable.

Best for kids room

Your kids room must be colorful and cutest in the house. The reason is you choose, the flashy objects and out of the box stuff to create an appealing style. Same should be done while choosing a rug for your kids room. Children love to play on rugs with their toys. Round rug will add up a defined area for your kid to play. Plus, the shape will be fun for your child. Why round rugs will be the best option? because, they can fit in small spaces too. Placing bean bags with round rugs , ain’t the best idea?

Play with shapes

Our furniture and decorative items mostly come in edgy- squared shapes. Sofas, chairs, accent tables, shelves, all give a rectangular feeling in a squared shaped room. And to be honest, that’s too much pointy.
You only require a round rug to be placed between or near them and can notice major difference in the overall look your space has to present. Round rug will minimize the sharp affect while turning it into softer look, along with a chic trendy style.

Round rug on a carpet

It’s time to boost up the game of your carpet flooring. Carpet flooring adds warmth and reduces noise. But it can look flat, and will no longer excite you. To glam it up, add a round rug on it. It will work as layers and wonders. Eye-catching, head turning affect will be the result.
A funky or minimal round rug, placed on a plain patterned carpet will fancy things up. There will be colors, patterns and a compliment towards furniture and décor.

Attention seeking space

There is always some area in our bedroom or living room that we want to décor up. We add up a shelf, lamp, planters, accent table, chair to draw all the attention towards it. Adding a round rug in your favourite space, will be interest catching.

Kitchen, outdoors, laundry.

Why to bound your extraordinary round rug only in bedroom or living room. Other places in house, deserve same treatment. Placing round rugs in kitchen will be the best thing you can do to it. Similarly, laundry can be fun and appealing with circular rug in there. Outdoor and patios, give us the peace that no other place can. So you cannot forget to add a round rug there to make it stand out. !

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