Use Rugs to change your room’s look

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You have no idea what a rug can do to your home unless you try. Rugs look more fashionable than carpets. Carpeting can give a warm , comfortable flooring option along with noise reduction and softness. But as it covers the whole room it does not add additional style. On the other hand, Rugs can divide a room. They look more noticeable. They section a single room into many areas. Rugs can give a more cozy vibe. And who stops you from putting a rug on your carpet.

This Blog covers the importance of changing the mood and vibe of your room. But we do not want to put any stress on your budget. If you can change the look of your room with a more affordable option then why go for something else. The most reasonable major transformation can be done through a rug.

How can a single Rug change the look of your room?

Rugs come in different colors

Rugs come in every single possible color available on earth. You can get same red rug in all different shades of red from lighter to darker. If your walls are dark you can choose a lighter one to add illusion of space in the room. Similarly, if you have a light colored theme in the room, go for a dark blue or green colored rug to balance the theme.
Any color you choose in rug is bound to have an affect on the theme you are going with. Even if there is no theme, you can create one by starting with a rug.

You can get a different size and shape

Who doesn’t love a rounded rug next to their bed? Or a runner in their living room next to your book shelf? Having a big rectangular sized rug placed beneath your sofas and centre table brings the luxury in your home. All the shapes in rugs look inviting and attractive. Placing two different shaped rugs in the same room can make it look like two separate places with different theme and look. Rounded rugs look amazingly pretty and super comfy. Rounded rugs are a favourite choice among customers. Its ideal for that bland corner.

Choose your favourite pattern

Patterns in rugs come in a long list. Old persian rugs are not just the only option now. You can find almost any pattern you can think of. Geometrical, stripes, circles, western, animals, nature, floral, boho, cowboy, squares and the list never stops.
Hand woven rugs look spectacular but are super expensive. Digital rugs come in all price ranges and lets you have the pattern you dream. You want a kids rug with a game on it you can have it. you want a funky rug, an animal rug and any possible pattern you always wanted. Having a patterned rug can bring a big transformation in your room.

Multiple materials in rugs

Rugs come in different materials to suit the needs of every customer. They are available in hand woven, wool, fibre, plush, hide, synthetic fibre, velvet, jute, sisal, cotton, nylon, seagrass and more.

Different material in rugs give a different level of comfort and appearance. You can buy different materials for different areas.


Layering rugs is another thing in now a days. You can put a round rug on a big rectangular rug to cancel the affect of too much simplicity. This minor change can bring a major change in the overall aesthetics.

If you feel like something is missing, or a space that look boring just place a rug over there and see how that area fills up with style, color and comfort. Get rugs in every color, pattern, material, size at RugsMart Dallas store, at most affordable and reasonable prices.

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