5 Tips to buy the perfect Rug

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Before you go to market or decide to buy online rug, you need to take care of a few things. Buying anything should require a prior homework. This helps you with post stress that can come after buying the wrong thing. Many things can go wrong. You can buy a rug which seems extra pricey, or you can buy a rug that does not go along with your paint, floor or furniture.

So before you click on that Add to cart button or buy from a store, tick down some factors to make sure you are buying the right prefect rug you have been dreaming about. And yes we all dream about stuff that we want to buy. Let’s make your expectations come true.

Check the price

Grab your phone and explore online markets before rushing to the market. Compare different rugs and their prices. Have a look at your budget. If you can push your budget a little more take that into consideration as well.

Read the descriptions written under the rugs. Know which material costs higher and which can be bought for lesser price. Which size and shape cost more. Compare multiple brands and the materials, colors, prints, variety they are offering and in what price.

Rug Material

Decide which type of material you are looking for. If you have no idea about materials no need to worry. There are tons but you can figure out by reading this material of rugs article. Rugs come in cotton, silk, velvet, jute, fibre, synthetic fibre, fluff, shag, hide, cork, felt and some more.

Every material has its own benefits. If you are looking to place the rug in high traffic area, go for cotton, synthetic fibre rugs because they can bear high traffic pressure. If you want a luxurious look, for for shag, fluff and silk. Place these type of rugs in a room away from pets and dust in order to keep them new. For hardwood floors you can go for high pile and also get a padding underneath.

Read pros and cons about all materials and decide the material which will go rightly with room type, traffic, children, pets, dust and floor.

Rug Color

Check the paint on your walls, your flooring theme, furniture and décor before going for any color in the rug. Do not make the mistake of getting a dark colored rug for a dark room. This will make your room look suffocated. Always a get a neutral, nude or light colored rug for your dark themed room.

If you are looking to put a rug out in a patio, you can for funky colors to match with your lawn, garden or outdoor settings. Choose bright, radiant colors like blue, red or yellow.

area rug for flooring by rugsmart in dallas texas-tamara collection

For high traffic areas kitchen, laundry, choose a dark colored rug that can hide imperfections. Go for a a funky color for your kid’s room to make it look lively.

Contrast with your house theme. You can can match your curtains and sofas as well. If you have bright colored sofas, go for a neutral rug. Similarly if you have light colored rugs, you can opt for bright or dark color.

Rug Print

If your focus is more on print than color, have a look at multiple prints online before you make a decision. There are so many prints in market days. Starting from southwestern, cowboy, funky, stripes, animal prints, persian, traditional, modern and you can also get digital prints now.


Prints are in fashion and look really chic. They can light up a dull boring area. For your kid’s room definitely go for a printed rug. Kitchen rugs and mats also look better with prints. You can choose a printed rug as a corner rug.

Rug Size and Shape

This is the point where most of us make mistakes. We usually buy rugs too small. Always measure the area before buying. Make sure the rug goes under the furniture to avoid any slipping, movement or tearing. It looks presenting when under the furniture.

round rug shaggy best in dallas texas

If you have a big sized rectangular rug, go for a round rug and add it as a layer on it. Round rugs are so in fashion. Decide if you wanna buy a runner to place it right with your bed.

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