Your bedroom needs a rug

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We can often neglect bedroom, when it comes to buying rugs for our home. We usually go for living rooms, styling a corner, kitchen, outdoors. But why not a bedroom ? Bedrooms have to be extra cozy and comfy. And the warmth that comes from rugs in undeniable. Rugs added in the bedroom will add comfort plus style.

Some of us go to their beds only at night for sleep, and for this reason we seem to ignore adding some décor and glam to it. But just as you walk in the bedroom at night and see your beautifully set bed, you lose all the fatigue and feel better. Similarly, adding a rug will make you thank yourself. The pleasing comfy affect it will cast upon your mind will be long lasting. And who doesn’t appreciate beauty at the end of the day.

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Time to polish

Your ordinary looking bedroom can just go from flat to fashionable only by putting a rug. Those who know the power of a rug know this. That rug will spice up the décor game of your room with its pattern, color, material, shape. All of these factors lead to changing the way you look at your room.

If you’ll get a neutral or dim shaded rug, it can make your bedroom look wide and spacious. It can highlight other spectrums in the room. In the same way, if you opt for solid bright colors, it will be eye catching and dapper. Color of rug will play an important role in deciding the overall look. If you’re thinking to get something that is way out of standard styling, go for cowboy rugs, Southwestern rugs, geometric, spiral, bohemian.

You can either match with your furniture and flooring or go total rebel. Getting a traditional rug, in modern designed bedroom can present a fusion of styles. Choosing a minimal rug, in a full packed bedroom, can make it look smooth and voguish.

Twinning with curtains and walls is always a safe idea. It gives room for further styling and defines a solid style statement.

Any style, print or pattern you choose is destined to make an impact and completely transform your room.

Placing the rug

Experts suggest to place the rug in front of the bed to add an extra space. It will appear as a divided section give more appeal with space. Your room will look organized with style. Putting bean bags or an accent chair on that rug will level it up more. You can enjoy movie or play cards while snugging on that rug and enjoy your night.
Placing a runner rug, on sides of bed will be the comfiest platform to place foot in the morning. It can contribute to extra detailing of style and comfort.

Coziness and comfort

No matter what flooring you choose, it has its own pros and cons. Wood flooring can be warm and elegant but its hard to maintain. Stone and marble are durable but hard and cold on feet. But placing rugs can cancel out all the demerits. Rugs can protect your wood flooring and add an extra layer of warmth and padding. Similarly, with tiles, and stone , rugs can give you the warmth out of the coldness. Especially in winters, rugs can make your bedrooms ideal for walking without chilling. Say bye bye to noise, as rugs are excellent insulators. and helps to reduce noise produced by walking, running and other affects. This lets you rest in peace.

Layering the Rugs

Don’t be scared to layer rugs. Even in a wall to wall carpet flooring, Putting rugs will add fun and style. It will provide more definition to design of your room and will also be a great addition. You can either use a round rug at the side of the bed and place an accent chair on it, Or you can use a runner in trendy prints or color. Adding a large sized rectangular rug under your bed while leaving more than half out of it will fill up that missing elegant spot and will provide a whole new meaning.

Pattern surprise

There are tons of patterns now a days. They help make your room achieve that mid century look. You can go with geometric, that draws instant attention and looks lively. Stripes is what makes your room look more sophisticated and minimal. You can go with colorful stripes or the one which has design over it. Abstract patterns make a great pairing with a plain bedroom. Traditional patterns change the overall mood and add colors and vintage fusion.

All these points prove how much your bedroom needs a rug. Its completely incomplete without it. Even if you’re not into décor or wall paints, curtains , just adding a rug will change the game and aid the aesthetics. You’ll thank yourself when you’ll get up in a cold morning and will land your feet on cozy warm rug and feel that rush of dopamine.

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