Choosing color in the rugs

Picking the color in your rug, that will suit your area, embracing décor, pairing up with the furniture, can be a hard job. You need the rug that serves all. It can be pretty confusing, but It’s better to stick to one category.

Go opposite

This way is quite simple. If you have warm, gray or neutral tones in your furniture and walls, you can easily go for a bright colored rug. Likewise, if your wall paints are bright, choose a neutral colored rug.

area rug for flooring by rugsmart in dallas texas- golden classic collection

Marine vibe

Blue tones in rugs will add a peaceful and calm flair. Soothing for eyes and cool for ambiance. Blue rugs can suit gray hued furniture and white walls.


Flashy colors

Choosing rugs that are bright will add pop of color in whole space. Also, will be very catchy and funky. Its good to add bright colors for giving your room a makeover. It will also draw all attention towards itself.

area rug for flooring by rugsmart in dallas texas

Dim shades

Putting a dim shaded rug will reduce the noise of other colors and décor in your room. This can make your rooms look wider. Its always a great idea to add lighter shaded rugs in small rooms in order to make them appear spacious and cleaner.

area rug for flooring by rugsmart in dallas texas

Multiple colors

You can see rugs with more than one dominating shade and that’s actually a different way to add a trendy look. These types of rugs can be placed in any room and they will compliment more than one stuff in the area. They look more vibrant and have more to offer towards your home style.

area rug for flooring by rugsmart in dallas texas

Light and dark combo

Some rugs display a combination of dark and lighter hues, such as brown paired with white, black paired with white, bright red with beige and much more. This option stays favourite among customers, as it brings treat for everything in your house.

area rug for flooring by rugsmart in dallas texas

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