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5 Tips to buy the perfect Rug

Antep Rugs

Before you go to market or decide to buy online rug, you need to take care of a few things. Buying anything should require a prior homework. This helps you with post stress that can come after buying the wrong thing. Many things can go wrong. You can buy a rug which seems extra pricey, […]

Extra padding for your rugs

Get best rugs for your kitchen in Dallas Texas

Rugs add comfort and coziness around. But you can always add more and more comfort by adding extra padding under your rug. Rugs that have less height or have less pile may not offer softness that you want. Even those rugs who have big pile tend to loosen the strength and softness diminishes after a […]

South Western Rugs for your space

Southwestern rugs

South Western Rugs, west rugs or cowboy rugs fall in same style category. They offer bold prints with a picture that depict a culture. These type of rugs can be seen in cafes, restaurants, bars, offices, studios and even at homes. These rugs have a peculiar attractiveness. They make a statement where they are placed. […]