Types of Rugs: Rug Materials


Like any other thing, Rugs comes in all materials to suit every customer’s need. If you’re thinking to buy a rug, the next step comes as which material are you looking for. There are many types of rugs online and in markets that you can consider. All types have their individual beauty and benefits.

Check out all the types and stuff that you can consider to get, according to what you like, by reading it down below. Every type has its own advantages and disadvantages. But they all look graceful and classy in their own way. They add beauty to your floors and add the style it was missing.

There comes two types of piles.

Thick Pile:

Most people enjoy rugs with thick piles. They say it gives their foot a soft feeling and they enjoy it. Also, it’s very easy to sit on the floor when you have a thick pile.It makes a cozy room while you enjoy watching a movie on it. Thick piled rugs have a good height. They also mask and hide debris and dirt, which is a plus point. These kind of rugs look fuller and filled and enjoyed because of their fullness. Most importantly, because of their pile, they are heavier and they do not slip away easily. You place furniture onit or not, they stay at their place.

Thin Pile:

Thin pile rugs are no less. They are lighter as compared to thick piled rugs, so they can be moved easily. They need support, from furniture, to stay at one place usually, especially when the area is high traffic, because they can be slipped easily because of their weight. Still these rugs add classy points and are easy to move and clean.

Faux Fur Rugs

Fur rugs are also in trend, and feel soft and comfy. Fur rugs look gorgeous in vanity setups and add luxury touch. The fur, is lighter and soft to be felt on foot. They give a rich look to your area. They are synthetically prepared, and thus are not original. Its High maintenance, as Fur gets dirty, but after a deep clean, its newer than ever. Also, it sheds. And you’ll see light shreds everywhere.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are usually handwoven knotted, as its natural fiber. They are quite durable and best for high traffic areas. Genuine Wool rugs are costly, because of all the hard work that goes in preparing them. But you cannot deny the coziness and warmth you feel from them. Wool is also stain resistant, debris and dirt do not stick to it. Hand-woven wool rugs are passed from generation to generation. And for the quality, its very high and super.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs bring back the aesthetic without affecting your budget. These are inexpensive than wool or silk rugs and good for casual places. You can place them almost anywhere, and change them whenever you want, as they are budget friendly and will not last longer.

Synthetic material rugs

They look equally organic and that is why Some prefer synthetic material rugs made from nylon, polypropylene that comes out budget friendly and you can change them depending on mood. They are also easy to clean. They give a neutral or vibrant look, anyway yo want. They can be a good choice to add to your bedrooms and living rooms, as they have property to bear the stains and daily traffic along with wear and tear. You do not have to worry about price, its usually in budget.

Jute Rugs

If you are looking to add a natural vibe in your area, jute and bamboo rugs are great. Any type of rug you choose, make sure, it suits your cleaning habits and room. They can also be used a rug pad and can be placed underneath your rug.

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