South Western Rugs for your space

Southwestern rugs

South Western Rugs, west rugs or cowboy rugs fall in same style category. They offer bold prints with a picture that depict a culture. These type of rugs can be seen in cafes, restaurants, bars, offices, studios and even at homes.

These rugs have a peculiar attractiveness. They make a statement where they are placed. These rugs know how to draw attention towards them. West rugs look catchy and the buyer instantly draws towards it. They bring a new style in the world of rugs. You can get a new fresher look in rugs if you are bored with the old styles.

Many customers consider it a centre of attention in their rooms and enjoy it. They come in different styles. Some are too vibrant which many customers demand, while some look for an animal print but with dull colors. With the growing demand in Western rugs have increased, designs, colors, patterns are also changing these days.

If you are looking for something fresher for your living room, or you want to add a theme in your café or bar with increased customer’s attention, or if you want to transform your office lounge and give it a trendy look, you are just some choices away to make a smart purchase. But do not go so fast. Have a look at some of latest designs that are trending these days and are sure to bring a Cowboy vibe around you.

1. This cowboy rug infused with southwestern style offers a chic look. It has a color theme involving shades of brown, red, orange, black and blue. It displays different objects on it.
area rug for flooring by rugsmart in dallas texas-west collection

2. This rug is having a neutral hue incorporated with a dark hue. It has borders and sections. The horn in the star looks absolute powerful.
west collection

3. Leopard and cheetah print looks beautiful every time you look at it. Color ranges complete the picture. The outside border have a different pattern than the inside one.
rug by rugsmart in Dallas Texas-west collection

4. The color this rug has is unique and eye catching. The star in the middle with a gold color and little stars in blue in border. The gradient in base color is so stylish.
west collection
5. This rug has so much happening yet it looks fine. Color theme can go really well with your furniture.
west collection

6. The traditional print on outside the star and color looks fabulous. Black and brown are pairing up really well. It gives a combo look of castle theme and south west theme.
west collection
west collection
7. This pure cowboy rug with a typical theme is a major yes. It has two upside panels with horse shoe pattern and cowboy shoes in between. Looks classy.
west collection
8. This has to be every client’s favourite and a best seller. The look brings you back to some old memories. The Scottish touch with middle ages is clear in the rug. The colors theme is spectacular along with the designs.
west collection
9. This rug has bears with their paws and relates to middle ages. Love the colors in it and is perfect for a cold room to give a warm feel.
area rug for flooring by rugsmart in dallas texas- west collection
10. Cowboy themed rug with a touch of blue hints on upper borders looks gorgeous for any area.
west collection
11. More colors and patterns are perfect for a boring room. It can light up the area with its presence.
west collection

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