How to: take care of a fluffy or shag rug

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Shag rugs look the fanciest and the attractive ones. Their fluffy strands of fibres gives that soft, comfy and cozy vibe. They appear soft and feel soft on the foot. they transform the look and feel of your room. Shag rugs offer luxury and rich statement. You can put them under dressing chair, near your bed, in a corner and in living room. No matter where you place them, these rugs are bound to light up that space. With all the traits they bring, they are high maintenance too.
They are not like ordinary rugs. Shag rugs need proper care and attention to retain their beauty, glamour and fluffiness. Their fibres are delicate, therefore, special cleaning is required to make them last long. Fluffy rugs look stylish only if they are clean. Dirt and debris stuck between those strands will be the worst look.
If you have a shaggy rug, or you are thinking to buy one, no need to worry about cleaning or maintaining it. We have some simple tips that you can follow to make your shaggy rugs look new as before.

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Get that fluff back

If your rug is no more fluffy, or have lost its shagginess, you may think there is no point of it anymore. But you can vacuum clean it to get those fibres stand again. And vacuum cleaning will also pull out the dirt that maybe inhibiting that fluffiness. After giving a proper wash, and drying it out, you can simply blow dry it to regain its pile height.
Also, if you beat the rug, it will also help to make it fluffier.

Immediate cleaning

Unlike other rugs, these rugs need frequent cleaning. But the best way is to clean immediately the moment anything spills on it. Do not make the mistake of waiting and putting it on another day. The spillage will only settle down and stick badly to the strands. And the more you wait the more it will be harder to clean it after. If you spill juice or any sticky liquid, grab a towel, soak it right there and clean with water afterwards.


Be careful wit vacuuming your shag rug. It mainly depends on the height of fibres and the materials. Vacuum could catch the strands and tear it.

When to vacuum is a tricky question. Because it all depends on the area it is placed. If it is placed in a high traffic area, with pets living and near windows, chances are you will find lots of debris, pet hair, dust stuck to it. And this will diminish the look of it. This only lefts you with alternate days of vacuuming only if you want its shine and glamour to last for years. But if it is placed inside a room, where chances are of pet dander, debris is less, you can vacuum it every week. And if you don’t feel like vacuuming just hit it with a stick or broom from backside to get the dirt out.

Deep wash

Washing your shag rug once in a month can be helpful. But avoid any harsh scrubs or scourges. Just pour warm water on it, wear gloves and use your hands to let water seep through fibres. Add a mild detergent or shampoo to lock up the dirt and debris. And give it a wash again. Washing it will give it a new fresh look, color would be regained and so the feel of softness. Use a wiper to take out water from it.

Get a professional help

If your shag rug has given up, but you do not seem to give up on it, its time to get help from the experts. There are so many cleaners that give you options for rug cleaning. You can drop your rug to their shop or they can give you home services. Experts will give you a detail analysis about the condition. They use high quality detergents, do spot treatment and use other methods to bring life back to your rugs.

Some hacks and tips.

  1. You can use a rug rack to get a good fresh clean and get rid of those annoying hair.
  2. Invest in a rug pad. This will save your rug from slipping and other damage. Also, it provides extra softness.
  3. Keep your shaggy rugs away from heavy furniture.
  4. You can vacuum rug from the backside to get a deep clean.
  5. Give your shaggy rugs a shake on daily basis.
  6. Who said dry shampoo was for your own self only? Your rugs can use it too.
  7. Your shag rugs can get a steam clean too.

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