Different Types of Rugs for your home

Hallway Rug

Rugs come in all types, shapes and sizes. And they are acceptable and beautiful in every form. Every type has its on purpose. One type cannot take place of other one. Type of rug will depend on the use and placement of it.

1. Area Rugs

The rug that will be covering only a certain part of area in the room, is referred to as area rug. Area rugs do not cover the whole room. They act as an accent rug, that will enhance an area in the room and tie up the room.
Area rugs bring together the whole room with furniture and decor. It comes in many sizes according to area you want to cover. They come in large, medium, small sizes. Also in different shapes like square, rectangle, round. Most common is medium rectangle sized.

This area rug is medium sized, in South Western pattern, from Tamara collection, in RugsMart Dallas Texas.


2. Runner Rugs

Runner rugs or Hallway rugs, are designed to fit your hallways or corridors. They are long in length and narrow in width. Difference in dimensions make it look extra sassy and classy. Hallways are a included in high traffic zones and thus hallway rugs should be durable.
Runner rugs can also be placed in bedrooms, to give pop of style. You can place it in front of a single sofa also to add variety.
Runner rugs are usually placed at entrances in halls, so they mask much of dirt and debris that shoes bring along from outside. So runner rugs will be a great help to not allow outside dust into your homes.

Runner rugs by RugsMart Dallas Texas

3. Stair Rugs

Your stairs need a little attention as well. Firstly, Rugs on stairs reduce noise of the stepping and running on it. Which makes your house peaceful. Secondly, your stair will be protected after rug placing.
When getting rugs for stairs, make sure it wont slip, and comes with non-slip backing. You can get rugs with rubber back or vinyl ones that helps with pets also.
You can place 1 whole piece of rug on stairs, that comes connected or you can put the individual pieces that will be easy to use and clean.

4. Kitchen Mats

Standing for hours in kitchen may cause pain in your foot, because of the hard floor. By standing on a rug, which will be covering the floor, will help adjust the pressure. Kitchen rugs will give a soft, cozy area to stand on and make your work easy and comfortable. Kitchen mats are usually small in size and occupy small space and give style to your kitchen.

5. Bathroom mats

Bathrooms seem very incomplete without mats. These mats are high piled and specifically designed to absorb excess water. You can also place them outside the door, near your bath tub, in front of the sink. These rugs looks functional and stylish and enhance the look of bathrooms.

6. Kids Rugs

Kids rugs are new in trend with rugs being very colorful, catchy and soft, Kids love to sit on it and play. Some of the rugs have playful patterns and prints on it to add game for children. They are perfect to be placed in your kid’s room.

7. Outdoor rugs

The name signifies these rugs are sturdy and made to stand outside weather and foot traffic. Once you add them to your patios and terrace, they lift up the scene and form a welcoming environment.

Different tones:

Color of a rug holds much importance just as it’s material does. People prefer earthly tones like beige, brown and gray to add sophistication and make the area look spacious.
You can also opt for blue shaded rugs that can add calm and coolness.
Getting vibrant colors like red, pink, green depends on the furniture and wall paintings.

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