10 Benefits of having Rugs


When decorating our house, we think to buy up to date and modern furniture, get some of our walls painted or add decor or paintings on the walls. Also, putting up a wallpaper is a nice idea. We even think about changing our floors or adding rugs at different places. But many people stuck at the point thinking whether they should invest in a rug or not.

Buying a rug, will never disappoint you. An area rug brings furniture and decor in the specified area together and enhances it. Buying a rug means, you do not have to spend a fortune in changing the look of your room. It has surprising benefits and uses.

For those who are confused about getting it, this article points out all the reasons you should be buying it. Also, read a guide to buy an area rug, to speed up buying. At the end of the article, you”ll be convinced that a rug hurts no one.

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1. Masking the floor

When you have a beautiful floor, shiny as new, it’s hard to decide whether to place rugs on it or not.It gives the feeling maybe it will mask the beauty of the floor. But to clear this out, you need to know that without an area rug it’s not possible to make an impression of bringing furniture and decor together. Two or more rugs will help you divide the portions and tie the area together.
Versatility will cover your floors. It will transform your ordinary floors in truly unique ones with a pop of color and patterns. You can add tribal or persian rugs, to bring out that retro funky look in that area, or you can place a contemporary rug, to make it look modern and stylish.

2. Traps Dirt and Allergens

Rugs are very helpful when it comes to concealing the debris and dirt. No matter, how thick is the pile, it will entrap the dirt, and prevents it from leaving it in the air and floor. All you need to do is to vacuum clean the rug and it will be clean.
Studies show that rugs have ability to trap allergens, not allowing them to fly in air, thus making your room’s air fresh to breathe in. Rugs can definitely help in reducing the symptoms.

3. Noise Reduction

Rugs reduce noise in the room. You can feel the noise reduction once you walk on it, and can feel the overall sound decrement. They provide big help to the apartment dwellers, who live on different floors, sharing one’s roof as a floor for one. Rugs will control the sound production from reaching the floor beneath, creating a peaceful neighborhood.

4. Adding style and comfort

You need to understand the power of only a rug. How it can transform the room style completely. Just add a traditional rug, and the whole space will look classy. Secondly, when you are living in  small spaces and apartments, rugs play a vital role in making the space look expanded and extra fabulous.
Rugs can promise you comfort. Placing your foot on soft rug will give a cozy feeling. You can also work while standing on rug and enjoy the comfort.

5. Warm feels

Rugs have an amazing insulation property that work wonders in cold temperature areas, and can be seen in every house, because of the insulation and warmth they produce. The icy cold floor when covered with the rug, will be much warmer and preferable to sit on. Winters will be much warmer with rugs, coffee and books. No need for setting up heat floors, when you can place rugs and create warm space.

6. Even Flooring

Rugs can be used to make your flooring even and smooth. If you have any sort of dent, damage on the floor, a rug will conceal it properly with beauty. Tiles on floor can be damaged with the heavy furniture setting , similarly wood floors are also prone to damage. Placing rug on the damaged area is way better than Replacing it.

7. No carpets, just rug

If we talk about Carpeting the room vs just putting a rug, more votes go in for rugs. Mainly, because rugs allow you to define different portions in same room and also you can have a look at the floor too. Rugs are way easier to clean than a whole carpet and they look more stylish with chic colors and prints.
Rugs are always changeable. You can customize again when bored. Rugs give a new angle to your room and pairs perfectly with furniture and tables.

8. Budget Friendly

Rugs are super cost-friendly. They hardly put a dent on your budget and give a new look. You can easily plan to get a rug when you’re in mood of some change. You do not need to be worried about the cost ,when your floor is damaged . Just get a rug, and mask the beast with a beauty.

9. Brightening up

A light color rug is a perfect choice to illuminate dark rooms. Furniture with a dark color finish gives a luxurious ad rich look, bu it can also dampen the room. But a light colored rug will compliment it and brighten it all up. Lighter rugs also give an illusion of big rooms and expanded space.

10. Floor time

Watching a movie on a cozy night, or reading a book, playing with your kids, kids paying with toys, your pets having their time, its all possible when you place a rug on floor and can have a quality floor time.

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