How to deep clean a Rug easily

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Cleaning a dirty rug, seems oddly satisfying and therapeutic

After the rug had played its part in pulling your room together and enhancing the overall look, its your duty to give it a deep clean to make it last longer. You cannot buy a new rug every year as they are not that cheap and its not even needed. A deep clean will make it look even newer and fresher than before.

Note: Vacuuming on rug can be done after a day or two but You do not need to deep clean a rug everyday, or often. You can give a deep clean after a months, or when you can see dirt and dust clearly settling on its surface, or a bad smell arising, that’s an alarming situation. But in case of spillage, you need to clean it right at that time to avoid stain and hardness.

Another Plus point, cleaning your rug wont only give a new look to your rug, it can work wonders on your mental health. Because cleaning a dirty rug, seems oddly satisfying and therapeutic. So, a win win case for both you and your rug. And to win, you have to do it yourself.

After you read this article, you’ll know how cleaning a rug can be fun and relaxing in just 7 simple steps.

Things You will need:

1. Sunny day: We are talking about giving a deep clean, that will involve washing and then you need sun to dry all the water out.

2. Big area: A clean area that is bigger than your rug, so that you can lay down it without any difficulty, and pour much water.

3. Soft sponge or brush: We need brush or sponge that is not harsh to pull the pile on rug away.

4. Rug Shampoo (Alternative: Detergent or mild soap): Cleaning agent will wipe out all the dirt and debris trapped inside.

5. Garden hose: (Alternative buckets of water) You will need excess of water.

6. Vacuum Cleaner and broom: For collecting dirt.

Step 1: Vacuum the rug from both sides to get rid off all the dirt, or use a broom to beat it, and you”ll see clouds of dust coming out. (Don’t beat too hard)

Step 2: Place the rug outside. Now pour water onto it either with hose or with pails. Make it wet properly.

Step 3: Shampoo your rug, or sprinkle detergent on it.
Now move brush or sponge on it softly, make lather and try not to harm the fibres of rug.
Mixing of shampoo with water will help it go deep down,

Step 4: Rinse the rug, and keep rinsing to lift away all the cleaning solution. You can use a clean wiper to remove excess water and rinse it again, until water is clear.

Step 5: Although a Wiper is good to remove excess water, you can also use squeegee, towels or dry vacuum cleaner to dry it faster.

Step 6: Dry the rug in outside air on a rack or table. Wait for it to dry completely for 3-4 days or maybe more depending on weather, before you move it inside. You will feel zero drops of water and it will become a bit hard.

Step 7: Vacuum it one more time to make fibres look fuller, and we are talking about deep very deep cleaning.

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