4 Different places to put rugs

Get best rugs for your kitchen in Dallas Texas

Rugs offer diversity in every way. From patterns, prints, colors, size, materials. No matter what type or category you choose, they are sure to add a finishing statement. Just like humans, rugs have been here since forever. Trend of rugs never goes away. They were being found in castles, historical places, mosques and since now you see them in almost every house and place. Beautifully handmade historical vintage rugs are preserved in famous museums.

They carry a charm that is irresistible. The zero to full makeover transformation they provide, is the reason they have never gone extinct.
Rug fashion is growing every day and making its way in everyone’s home. Read below different ways you can use them, place them to spice up your style.

On the walls

Why not the walls? In ancient history, people used to hung carpets and rugs on the walls. They made handmade rugs, with a scenery on it, or just abstract art and hung it. They could be seen on walls of castles, terraces. Clearly they were more dapper than us. We should follow our ancestors and hang some eye catching rug on the wall to cover it with color and pattern. Light weight rugs are suited best for it. Accent chairs can also be added in front of it.

Traditional, persian, rugs hanging on the wall. Get best rugs in Dallas from Rugsmart


In times of holidays, festivities, celebrations or pleasant weather , setting outdoors are the best safest option. They accommodate groups of people and give them room to enjoy fully. Adding rugs in your outdoor or patio can help enhance the look and make it look fancier and more fun to be there. Rugs can also catch dirt and cover a plain floor, making it look trendy. You can place outdoor furniture, tables on it and your rug can act as anti slip floor. It will add warmth and coziness to a cold hard floor and if its wooden , it can protect it from water spills or being worn out. Get a cowboy rug or tradiotnal rug and give your outdoors what it had been missing.

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Comfy garden furniture and geometrical rug on a terrace

Kitchen and laundry

Your kitchen or laundry can use comfort and warmth of a rug while you work for hours there. Its always better to stand on a rug and do chores and give your foot some relaxation. Hard stoned or tiled flooring in kitchens and laundries can use softness of a rug and protect you from cold in winters. Apart from comfort and warmth, rugs can add fun and excitement in your working spaces. They can add a modern touch and colors will bring them to life. This can totally change your mood when you step in there. Mats can also be used in entrance way to trap dirt and debris.

get best rugs for your kitchen in Dallas Texas by rugsmart
Stylish rug in the kitchen
get comfy traditional rugs for your laundry or any room in Dallas Texas by Rugsmart
Spacious laundry room with tile floor and traditional rug.

Changing room

We spend hours in changing rooms deciding what to wear and sand in front of the mirror trying every dress we own, and glaming ourselves up. Rugs can add to your comfort and give you a relaxed peaceful place to stand and sit upon. You can spend hours getting ready while standing on it and not getting tired. This will make your changing room look voguish just like you see on instagram. It can also become your photo booth and a really fun place to hang out in.

get comfy stylish rugs in Dallas Texas from RugsMart.
Women wardrobe with blue mat

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